For far too long our voice has been silence, and I am here to change that. Together we can make our voice be heard and that our government will start working for the benefit of the citizens of the United States.




Our economy needs to keep staying stronger. Though better policy, we can come together to build and pave the way for every working class American to afford to live.

Currently many Americans are struggling to make ends meet because the necessities are so expensive. For example, rent is nearly twice as it was many years ago and there is constantly an increase. Groceries and transportation are rising rapidly. 

It is almost impossible for a US citizen to save. As a district, we need to have it stabilize so that people can have money to save and live comfortably.


From K-12 our children go to school to learn to be better people and to be prepare for the world when they become adults.

Sadly, our education system has failed our children for preparing them for the future ahead.

We need to revise the methods of learning so students can do great and be prepare for college or vocational jobs or even start a business



Our roads, tunnels, bridges, public transportation system and utilities such as our electrical grids, gas lines, and the internet needs to be upgraded and be protected from any threat.

Furthermore, our infrastructure is very old since they were built when populations were much smaller. We need to get it up to current times.

Our Values

America has gone through a lot since its inception in 1776. Our nation has seen it all the from wars and depression to peace and prosperity. What never changes, is the resilience of the American people.

No matter what, we strive for the best for all of humanity.


On Tuesday, November 8, 2022 vote for Amit Lal for Congress